Retouching is both a technical skill and an artistic talent.  But, for a great final photo it is always about the Art.  Please review the sample photo edits below to see what is possible.

  1. Full retouch with background replacement.

2. COVID-19 Team Photo – each person is shot individually and composited as a group.

Corporate Headshots - David Chang

3.  Natural skin retouch.

4.  Natural skin retouch.

Headshots Toronto - David Chang PhotographyHeadshots Toronto - David Chang Photography

5.  Chin edit.

6.  Chin edit.

7.  Chin edit.

8.  Full dental retouch.

9.  Overall retouch.

10.  Overall retouch for actors.

11.  Common issue – Tie fix.

12.  Wrinkle fix – Successful retouch will depend on fabric and pattern.