Real Estate Headshots Toronto

For Real Estate agents in Toronto who want the best Headshots for their Marketing and Branding campaigns.  Headshot sessions are tailored to your requirements, including transparent and composited backgrounds.  Convenient downtown Distillery District studio with easy Online booking. My sessions focus on your personality and style with final image that is polished and professional.

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Tips for Real Estate Headshots for the Toronto Market

What is Brand for a Professional Headshot photo in the Toronto market?

A headshot is a photo of you, usually heads and shoulders, with eye contact. Your Brand is what a prospect thinks of you, their perception of you when they see your photo. Does the Brand as projected in your photo satisfy the expectations of the person looking at your headshot? The expectations may include, professionalism, capability, confidence, approachability, essentially, do I want this person to represent me in the market? The photo will be your Brand image and your desired Brand needs to be incorporated into your headshots.

What should I wear for my Professional Headshot session?

For those who have a sense of fashion, I always suggest that you make the effort to bring the appropriate wardrobe and I will help you style for the shoot to reflect your Brand. For those who are fashion-challenged, you need to consider what people think of you in your intended daily wardrobe. I believe what you wear matters. You can dress casually for your headshot, but you still need to look polished and professional. Again, bring options and we can take a variety of photos. You can test the photos with your friends and associates.

Do I need to smile?

Most people need to smile for their headshot to look professional. The amount of smile differs from person to person. I will help you establish the right energy to project in your headshot that works for you.

How to pose for my Headshot?

Posture matters and generally I prefer a standing shot. Prefer not to be looking down at you for a business headshot, eye level is ideal. I will work with you for the right pose by taking many shots at different angles and reviewing the photos throughout the session.

How many Looks do I need?

This will depend on the intent of your marketing campaign. If you have extensive social media reach, then more is better. If you just need one for the Agency website of lawn sign, then one is all you need.

What is Retouching and do I need it?

Retouching takes your headshot to the next level, professional polish and look that stands out, in effect…your Brand. My retouching cleans up hair frizz, hair issues that might arise, blemishes, and perhaps wardrobe issues we are not able to correct during the shoot. I will remove distractions in the headshot while keeping it natural.

What should I use for a background?

I shoot on a neutral background in order that we can composite, insert a digital photo behind a cut out of you in Photoshop. This allows you to have many background options, including a transparent background for your print works and web designer.