Professional Headshots for LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn profile is a significant part of your Brand.  The profile photo, your LinkedIn Headshot, has to be exceptional.  It will be the first thing members look at when viewing your profile.  My specialty as a Professional Headshot Photographer is to make you look your best.  This means you can look younger, thinner and more attractive with expert retouching in Photoshop. Retouching is an art and skill. Most photographers can make a model look great, but the real talent is to make you look authentic. To have real impact with your LinkedIn profile you need a great background for your portrait. I have options for digital backgrounds that ensures your headshot will be modern in style and exceptional.

My package Rate for Professional Headshots for LinkedIn starts at $195.00.  Why book with me at this price?


  1. Easy to book studio sessions online with no penalties for cancellation or rescheduling. LINK HERE if you wish to book now.

  2. High level COVID-19 protocols for your safety throughout the photography session. Details at this LINK.

  3. Relaxed, no rush sessions. Your choice of music. Comfortable change room with space for makeup and hair touch-ups.

  4. Instant review of your professional headshots on a computer monitor throughout the shoot. Marking of your favourite headshots and my review commentary to ensure you like the results.

  5. Same day Proofs of your headshots online with your choice of all your photos or just your best.  Proofs are downloadable without watermarks.

  6. Unique backgrounds for your Professional Headshots. Gallery of 70 background options available to choose from.

  7. Expert Retouching of your Professional Headshots to your satisfaction.

  8. Extensive guidance and expert coaching of poses and expressions.

  9. Wardrobe styling assistance (your own clothes).

  10. In studio makeup and hair option (at additional cost).

Professional Headshots for LinkedIn and Corporate Profiles

Headshots Toronto - David Chang Photography

The LinkedIn Banner. Complimentary background images with logo for your banner to compliment your LinkedIn Headshot.

The banner is quite wide and as you can see the profile photo sits to the left side with the profile photo extending below the lower edge of the LinkedIn banner.

Headshots Toronto - David Chang Photography

LinkedIN Banner Image with Profile Photo

for your protection

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Studio Sanitization

The studio is sanitized between sessions using a commercial fogger (sprayed into the air) with Vital Oxide disinfectant ( Health Canada approved against COVID-19). More info here,


Two studio windows will be open with the use of fans to circulate fresh air into the space throughout the session.

Face Cover

We will be wearing a ASTM Level 3 and/or KN95 mask at all times. Complimentary masks available in the studio for your use as well.

Hand Sanitizers

Our hand sanitizers are 80% alcohol.

Careful Distancing and Limited Number of People

One guest only and he/she is fully distanced from the shooting area.


The Distillery District
15 Case Goods Lane
Studio 312
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 3C4