Actor Headshots in Toronto

For Professionals, Businesses and Actors in Toronto, there are no lack of photographers for your headshots. Rates for multi-look sessions have a considerable range from budget to high-end. David Chang Photography is positioned as a value studio. Pricing for a One Look session is currently discounted from $200.00 to $150.00. My rate for Actors with 3 Looks at $395 is now discounted to $275.00. Budget pricing with top quality photos. Take a look at my Galleries and Tips to get the Headshots you need to catapult your careers.


Actor Mini Session

One Look - 1 Retouched Photo
$ 150
Fall Discount
  •  In studio session with One Look (Look = Lighting, Background and Wardrobe).
  • Half hour shoot time, no limit on the number of photos.
  •  In studio review of Proofs on large monitor from safe distance throughout the shoot.
  •  Multiple photos taken during the session will be delivered (download link - Google Drive) to you as proofs with no limits on use or Watermark.
  •  Background and lighting style of your choice.
  • One expertly Retouched photo of your choice.
  • Additional Looks - $50 Each Look (Photography Only)

Actor Value Package

3 Look Session + 3 Retouched Photos
$ 275
Fall Discount
  •  In studio session with 3 Looks (Look = Lighting, Background and Wardrobe change).
  •  Three expertly Retouched photos of your choice.
  • No limit on the number of photos taken - we shoot till we get the shot. Typically 400 shots more or less, reduced to approximately 200 for your gallery of proofs.
  •  In studio review of Proofs on 27 inch monitor throughout the shoot. Be sure to get what you want!
  •  Multiple photos taken during the session will be delivered (download link - Google Drive) to you as proofs with no limits on use or Watermark.
  •  Many Background and Lighting options, changed with each Look.
  • Additional Looks $50 Each (Photography Only)
Best Value

Actor Premium Package

Unlimited Looks - 5 Retouched Photos
$ 695
  •  In studio session with Unlimited Looks (Look = Lighting, Background and Wardrobe change).
  • Professional Makeup Artist for Hair and Makeup included.
  • Five expertly Retouched photos of your choice.
  • No limit on the number of photos - shoot till we get the shot.
  •  In studio review of Proofs on 27 inch monitor throughout the shoot. Be sure to get what you want!
  •  Multiple photos taken during the session will be delivered (download link - Google Drive) to you as proofs with no limits on use or Watermark.
  •  Many Background and lighting options. Changed for each Look.

Additional Retouching

$ 75
/ Photo
  • Orders from Proofs after the session.
  • Expertly Retouched with option for transparent PNG files or new background.
  • Many options for background replacement.
  • Discount if you order 3 photos for $200.00

Graphic Design

Art Direction

Actor Headshots Rates

The Studio

David Chang Photography is located at the historic Distillery District ( Front Street East and Parliament Street) in Toronto. We are approximately 6 minutes by car from First Canadian Place, downtown Toronto. Our studio location has Green P parking adjacent to the building. Amenities on-site include some of Toronto’s best restaurants and Balzac’s Coffee. Wood floors and open beam ceilings  

A change room with all the space and privacy you require for your wardrobe changes.

Headshots Toronto - David Chang Photography
Headshots Toronto - David Chang Photography

FAQ and TIPS -for Actor Headshots Toronto

Your Professional Actor Headshot is the first impression on casting directors.  It needs to establish your age range, character type, attractiveness scale, and a sense of your personality for you to be considered for an audition.  It needs to look like you, but the best You we can present.

I will assist with all of the above.

Why choose David Chang Photography for your Actor Headshots in Toronto?

I want you to succeed!  And, I am very aware that your shoot is an investment.  I try to maintain my rates as low as possible so you can get the best headshots for less. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned pro, my experience and professionalism will produce the right result.  I will coach as much as required, more if you are new, less if you are a seasoned actor.  My direction includes your wardrobe, posing and expressions.  You will never feel lost.  You will feel comfortable quickly and confidence will come from ongoing review and critique of your headshots throughout the shoot.

What is your experience level?

For the past 15 years, I have shot thousands of business portraits, actor headshots and model portfolios in the Toronto market. I have shot with and for many agencies. As  a commercial headshot photographer I am committed to providing the best value and quality. My experience provides for a relaxed environment and a high level of professionalism to ensure you have the best experience throughout the shoot.

Do you have your own studio and where is it located?

My studio is located at the Artscape building in The Distillery District – Front Street East / Lakeshore Road and Parliament Street downtown Toronto). Green P parking is located right beside the building. This studio is exclusive for my use, which is important to minimize any COVID-19 exposures. You are the sole client during the shoot. We are in a very rustic brick and wood beam environment with many restaurants should you care to chill after the shoot. A change room with a makeup area and space for your extra wardrobe is provided for your comfort and privacy.

How do I book with you?

The preferable method to book Online. You are not charged through the booking system. You are free to cancel or reschedule without penalty. Please be courteous and provide me with as much notice as possible if you do cancel. Of course, you can also text or email me.

[email protected]  
What are your Rates and Prices?

I currently have a best value rate of $275 for 3 Looks with 3 retouched photos of your choice.  This is discounted from $395, which is pretty much the going rate for most photographers in Toronto shooting from their own commercial studio. I also have a Mini Session One Look rate at $150 for those on a budget.  

How long is a Actor Headshot Session and how many shots do I get?

I do not count time or shots. I take as many as we need and you are free to keep them all and use as you please. The time depends on you, if you are good in front of the camera and have the experience, the shoot will be less than an hour. If you are new and need time to get comfortable, you are welcome to more time. My shoots move at a good pace to maintain a higher energy level, but will be adjusted to suit your needs. As we shoot your photos are reviewed on a 27-inch monitor. You never leave wondering whether we got the shot.  The average number of shots taken can range from 300 to 600.  The number of proofs delivered to you via Google Drive galleries can be 180 to 250.  The proofs are never watermarked.

What about Retouching?

Please check out my Retouching Page to see what is possible. Retouching for perfect model faces is pretty easy, but retouching everyday faces requires experience to make you look your natural best.

Is Makeup and Hairstyling available?

Yes, select this option with online booking or contact me for details.

What is your delivery time and format for my Headshots?

Same day for proofs online via Google Drive and 3 – 5 days for the retouch from time of order. 

What should I wear?  What should I bring?

It’s a pain to carry all that clothing… I get it, but believe me, it’s worth the effort. You want to look a certain character type.  Start with a colour T-shirt, and if you are not sure of the colour, bring options.  Black is always useful! If black, choose a top with more design detail than plain, but no logos.  A light jacket or blazer is easy to style, the cleaner the design the better.  Fitted is better than loose.  Blazers should be casual in style and matched with a collared shirt. I prefer not to shoot ties, unless you want that particular business character Look.  Pass on the heavy winter coat.  Light leather jackets work well, dark brown or black with simple collars. Complicated collars are a distraction. Dark denim jackets or shirts are always a win.

What background options are available?

I am always tweaking for new and exciting backgrounds to enhance your photos.  I want you to get noticed.  Each Look for the shoot will generally have a different background.

What precautions are you taking for COVID-19

A mask will be worn by us all time, except during the actual shoot – for you.  My mask will be a disposable medical type that is Rated ASTM level 3 and/or KN 95.  I will spray the shoot area with Vital Oxide using a commercial fogger between each session.  Vital Oxide is a hospital grade disinfectant that is rated as food safe. Two windows are open during the shoot with a high velocity fans to provide fresh air with a good flow rate for circulation. 

for your protection

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Studio Sanitization

The studio is sanitized between sessions using a commercial fogger (sprayed into the air) with Vital Oxide disinfectant ( Health Canada approved against COVID-19). More info here,


Two studio windows will be open with the use of fans to circulate fresh air into the space throughout the session.

Face Cover

We will be wearing a ASTM Level 3 and/or KN95 mask at all times. Complimentary masks available in the studio for your use as well.

Hand Sanitizers

Our hand sanitizers are 80% alcohol.

Careful Distancing and Limited Number of People

One guest only and he/she is fully distanced from the shooting area.


Actor Headshots Photographer Toronto - David Chang Photography

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