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David Chang Photography studio is located at the Distillery District, Downtown Toronto. We specialize in headshots and portrait photography for your LinkedIn portfolio, business website, team headshots or Professional Branding. More than 15 years of experience shooting headshots for top Brands, LinkedIn, Business profiles for Professionals, Executives and Real Estate Agents.

Easy to book studio shoots online. Unique backgrounds and location shoots for Corporate and Executive Headshots are available. Expert Retouching of your Headshots is provided with every Studio Package and Corporate shoot. Extensive guidance and expert coaching of poses, expressions and wardrobe styling.


Open 7 Days per Week from 9 am to 6 pm.

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Headshots Toronto - David Chang Photography


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Headshots Toronto - David Chang Photography


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Headshots Toronto


Professional Portraits

Rates and Pricing Professional Headshots

Pricing for LinkedIn Headshots and Business Portraits start at $195.00 – click here for DIscount Packages with a breakdown of the session and delivery.

Corporate Headshots and on-site photography is priced per job.  Please email or text me for same day response. 647-833-7870 DavidChangPhotography@gmail.com

The Studio

Located at the historic Distillery District, Front Street East and Parliament Street, approximately 6 minutes by car from First Canadian Place, our studio location has Green P parking adjacent to the building, for your convenience as well as many restaurants should you wish to grab a bite before returning to work.

A change room with all the space and privacy you require for your wardrobe and comfort.

Headshots Toronto - David Chang Photography
Headshots Toronto - David Chang Photography

The Studio

Photoshop Retouch - Before/After

All Professional Headshot Packages and Corporate Photography Packages come with an option to select a photo for retouching.  Skilled retouching gives a very polished final photo, one that looks like you on your best day! The edit also comes with several background replacement options for your headshot that will work well on your Brand site or LinkedIn Profile. Check out several more retouching samples for headshots HERE.

for your protection

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Studio Sanitization

The studio is sanitized between sessions using a commercial fogger and Vital Oxide disinfectant cleaner ( Health Canada approved against COVID-19). More info here, http://vitaloxidecanada.ca/

Face Cover

We will be wearing a ASTM Level 3 and/or KN95 mask at all times. Complimentary masks available in the studio for your use as well.

Hand Sanitizers

Our hand sanitizers are 80% alcohol.

Careful Distancing and Limited Number of People

One guest only and he/she is fully distanced from the shooting area.

About FAQ and TIPS - Headshots Toronto

Your Headshot needs to represent your Brand. Your Brand is who you are, who you want to be, and who people perceive you to be. Your professional headshot needs to take the following into consideration:
  • Wardrobe selection(s)
  • Expression – amount of smile or not?
  • Posing – standing, angle/leaning or perhaps sitting?
  • Photo crop or aspect ratio – square for LinkedIn or wide for website? Have a specific requirement?
  • The background – photographer provided in studio or digitally composited?

I will assist with all of the above.

Why choose David Chang Photography for your Headshot Photographer in Toronto?

For many busy working professionals getting professional headshots done is a pain but necessary for your Branding. I am here to make the process as easy as possible. The studio is close to the downtown core with parking right next to the building. My experience can provide for quick sessions with great results. With my process, you know what you are getting and will receive all of your photos without watermarks via Google Drive download. Expert retouching eliminates any concerns with skin or minor wardrobe issues.  I am ready to BOOK ONLINE now.

What is your experience level?

For the past 15 years, I have shot thousands of business portraits, actor headshots and model portfolios in the Toronto market. I have shot for many of the top Brands in Toronto including Mercedes Benz, TD Bank and Quadreal, just to name a few. I am a commercial headshot photographer committed to providing the best value and quality for my clients. My experience provides for a relaxed environment and a high level of professionalism to ensure the best experience throughout the shoot.

Do you have your own studio and where is it located?

My studio is located at the Artscape building in The Distillery District – Front Street East / Lakeshore Road and Parliament Street downtown Toronto). Green P parking is located right beside the building. You are the sole client during the shoot. We are in a very rustic brick and wood beam environment with many restaurants should you care to chill after the shoot. A change room with a makeup area and space for your extra wardrobe is provided for your comfort and privacy.

How do I book with you?

The preferable method to book Online through the Square booking system. You are free to cancel or reschedule without penalty. Please be courteous and provide me with as much notice as possible if you do cancel. Of course, you can also text or email me.

What are your Rates and Prices?

A detailed breakdown of my rates and pricing is provided at my Rates and Pricing page.

I price my sessions based on a Look. A Look is a setup for the session and includes a wardrobe change, background change or lighting. A retouched photo is provided for each Look. Although my rate is obviously not the lowest in Toronto, I try to offer the best value. Please read on to see what I mean by Value.

How long is a LinkedIn or Branding Headshot Session and how many shots do I get?

I do not count time or shots. I take as many as we need and you are free to have them all. The time depends on you, if you have a killer smile with great clothes and posture your session is a few shots in as minutes. As we shoot your photos are reviewed on a 27 inch monitor. You never leave wondering whether we got the shot.

Generally, a Professional Headshot session is approximately a half hour to an hour for One Look and approximately 1.5 to 2 hour for multiple Looks.

If you have specific requirements let me know and I will work with you to achieve your goals.

What is Retouching?

Please check out my Retouching Page to see what is possible. Retouching for perfect model faces is pretty easy, but retouching everyday faces in the more mature age range requires experience to make you look your best naturally.

Is makeup and hairstyling available?

Yes, but limited by what the government allows for during the pandemic. Contact me for the latest.

What is your delivery time and format for my Headshots?

Typically, next day for proofs online via Google Drive and 3 days or less for the retouch from time of order. Same day available on request.

What should I wear?  What should I bring?

Difficult to provide you with specific recommendations, but here is some guidance. Generally, darker shades shoot better.  A jacket or blazer provides your shoulders with structure to support your head.  Busy patterns distract from you, but can also give you a unique style.  For headshots, bottoms do not usually matter unless you specifically want a 3/4 shot.  However, the more body you include in your photo, the smaller your face and ability to show personality as a headshot.  If you are not sure, the best advice is to bring extra to change.  We can test your wardrobe to see what works best for you. I can shoot ties on and off as well as glasses on and off at no extra charge.

What background options are available?

For each selected photo for editing, the background can include the original light to medium grey, all white background and/or transparent background in PNG format.  I also have many options for environmental backgrounds, such as an office environment, window views of Bay Street and many more.  The crop of the photo and resolution is your choice, best to consult your web guy.

What precautions are you taking for COVID-19

A mask will be worn by us all time, except during the actual shoot – for you.  My mask will be a disposable medical type that is Rated ASTM level 3 and/or KN 95.  Extra disposable masks are available complimentary. I will spray the shoot area with Vital Oxide using a commercial fogger between each session.  Vital Oxide is a hospital grade disinfectant that is rated as food safe. Two windows are open during the shoot. A high velocity fan is used to provide fresh air with a good flow rate for air circulation. And, of course, careful distancing at all times.


The Distillery District
15 Case Goods Lane
Studio 312
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 3C4