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Headshots Toronto – Wardrobe, what do I bring?


The ¬†clothing you wear in your photo matters, take some time to put yours together, it’s worth the investment in time and effort.

Your photoshoot package will typically include 3 Looks or more. ¬†This usually means a clothing changes and perhaps hair or slight adjustment to your makeup, to match your wardrobe. I will provide some examples of what I think will work and what doesn’t, so you can visually see the results for yourself.


The wrong wardrobe for headshots-

Let’s start with the easy part, what doesn’t work. Strong graphics, patterns and plain white. Obviously, very distracting and well, not so flattering.

The wrong wardrobe for headshots 2-

For guys, medium to dark colours work well, but include some strong colours too, for the pop you need to capture the attention of Casting Directors.


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