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 Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Headshot?

A Headshot is photo of you cropped from the top of the head down to approximately shoulder or mid chest level.  The Headshot is all about connection, to give your intended viewer some sense of who you are, your Brand, your Story.  This is mostly conveyed through your eyes and expression, the way you are dressed and the background.  Whether it is a prospective recruiter/new employer, or a casting director, It’s my job to make sure your photo succeeds in communicating the story of your Brand.

How much does it cost?

I have several packages depending on your needs and budget.  Check out my RATES page for details.  For corporate on location shoots, please call or email me and I will endeavor to get you a quote the same day.

Where do you shoot?

I am currently at two studio locations, the main studio is at 20 Leslie Street, Studio 115 (Beaches area, Leslie and Lakeshore), a large bright natural light studio that can accommodate many people at once.  The second studio is located at Water Park Place, 20 Bay Street, ideal for Corporate individuals and LinkedIn style portraits

I also do location shoots for corporate clients and bring a full complement of lighting and backdrop options at no additional expense.

How many shots and how long is a session?

I do not count the number of shots taken and we will shoot until you are happy with the results.

The number of photos and total time of the session will vary from person to person. Counting photos and setting time limits for the session is not a good gauge of how your shoot will turn out.  What you want, to ensure you are getting amazing photos, is to be shown the images during the shoot and be given lots of feedback/coaching to improve as the shoot progresses.  

What do I get after the shoot?

This will depend on your package.  All my clients get a web gallery of proofs, usually within 2 days of the shoot.  You can share this gallery with associates or agents to help select photos you want for retouching.  The web gallery images will be 1200 pixels on the longest side.  Most of the packages come with retouching as part of the package, otherwise there is an additional charge for each photo.  I also have a option for a download of all your photos in high resolution (16 megapixels, enough for large prints).

Retouched photos are usually delivered by email in JPG format.  If shot on a plain background, delivery of a cutout of you in Photoshop format is an option.  This will allow you to insert your photo onto promotional background graphics.

What type of lighting do you use?

At the Wallace studio I mostly use window light.  This is very soft light that is most forgiving for any type of skin.  When required, or requested I will use strobe light with a large softbox with the goal towards soft lighting on the face.  Soft lighting is generally more forgiving on skin texture.

For location Corporate shoots I will bring a full set of studio lights and backdrop options.  There is no additional charge for this. It will take me approximately 30 to 45 minutes to set up for the shoot. The largest room, usually the boardroom, with the highest ceiling is the most ideal.

Do I need to smile?

Yes, definitely, but only to the extent that the smile works for you.  Not everyone will need a big toothy smile.  I will work with you on the smile to achieve a natural approachable look for your media profile.  I provide considerable coaching and advice on your look during the shoot.

What should I wear?

For professional business profiles I recommend a jacket/blazer or suit for most everyone.  Darker shades work better, like charcoal, black or navy.  Medium to light coloured shirts and blouses are preferable to white.  Tie or no tie is optional, and if you wish, I will shoot both for you.  The tie should have subtle patterns, you may wish to bring a few options.  If you do bring options, I will help with your selection and offer suggestions as to what I believe works for you.  Your clothes should fit well and not date you.  Keep jewellery to a minimum unless appropriate for your profession.

What form of payment do you take?

All major credit cards and cash.  No cheques or debit cards.  There are bank machines at a few cafes nearby the studio.

What is your availability like?

I can usually book you within a week and I will do my best to accommodate your availability.

Who owns the Copyright and what are the limitations for use of the photos?

The photographer always owns the copyright, but all of my work comes with full usage rights for non-commercial and/or self promotion without additional costs or restrictions.

How to contact you?

Feel free to call, text or email me.  If I miss your call, please followup with a text and I will get back to you asap.